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Nokia releases 'Glance Screen' beta with double-tap to wake as Lumia 925 sales begin

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lumia 925
lumia 925

Nokia has been working on additional firmware improvements for its Lumia Windows Phone 8 range, and the company is announcing a beta of its "Glance Screen" software on Monday. Glance Screen works as a clock for the standby screen that also provides battery level notifications and a double-tap to wake feature to activate a phone. The feature will always show the clock, even when the device is not in use, and also includes a night mode for when a phone is used in the dark. If the functionality of Glance Screen sounds familiar, that's because Nokia has taken the feature straight from its old Symbian phones — a platform it dropped in favor of Windows Phone.


Glance Screen launches exclusively on the Lumia 925 initially, and Nokia says it will "become available to most Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia smartphones" once the company releases its amber software update in July. Alongside the Glance Screen launch, Nokia has also revealed its Lumia 925 handset is now on sale in Germany, with additional European markets, China, and the US to follow soon. We've reached out to Nokia to clarify which devices will get the Glance Screen feature, and we'll update you accordingly.