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Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote video now live

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You can now hear the latest on iOS and OS X straight from Tim Cook and co. over on Apple’s website, where video of today’s WWDC keynote has just been put online. Unfortunately, it looks like viewing the keynote will require Safari on the Mac or QuickTime on Windows, so you may have to leave your browser of choice before you can hit play.

Apple announced some huge changes to iOS this afternoon. The star of the show was a complete design overhaul that's done away with some of the iOS standbys that have hung around since the original iPhone launched. The company also introduced much-requested features like quick access control settings, and a few much-rumored features including a streaming radio service. The event itself runs about two hours, so if Apple’s dramatic pacing isn’t your thing, you can check out our StoryStream for all the latest news and our first impressions on today’s announcements.