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iOS 7 Control Center allows quick toggling of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, and more

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Apple is finally giving users an easy way to toggle their settings straight from any screen that they'd like. By dragging up from the bottom of the screen, users can access a new feature called Control Center, which includes easy access to a variety of options, including brightness, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The menu pulls upward in a frosted-glass style translucent pane — from there, users can toggle rotation lock, airplane mode, media controls, and AirPlay. At the very bottom of Control Center, Apple includes shortcuts to the built-in timer, camera, and calculator apps, as well as a new flashlight tool. Adding quick-access controls like these have been a popular jailbreak tweak, and clearly Apple has taken that to heart.

Apple is also bring AirDrop to iOS for the first time, and it'll be easily accessible via Control Center. However, the sharing feature will only be available on newer hardware. Everything prior to the latest generation of Apple's products — all released in 2012 — won't be able to use the feature. AirDrop works by connecting two devices over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth after users tap the button to initiate it. From there, Apple says that users will see icons of their friends, and will be able to easily send photos and other files over to them.