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Microsoft reveals updated Xbox 360 design based on Xbox One, available today

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At last month's Xbox One unveiling, Microsoft teased that it would be making some major Xbox 360-related announcements at E3. As it turns out, one of those is yet another hardware revision of the console, revealed moments ago on stage. It's based on the Xbox One's design, and is available immediately in the US starting today.

The revised console is said to be smaller (and quieter) than any previous hardware iterations of the 360. In terms of looks, the Xbox One inspiration is clear; the new Xbox 360 features a split glossy / matte design resembling that of its next-gen successor. The power button has also been shrunken significantly and now is placed directly next to the eject button near the optical disc tray. Microsoft has also committed to support its aging console in the months and years ahead with "hundreds" of upcoming game releases. Additionally, it's expanding Xbox Live Gold with a new program that will reward subscribers with two free games per month.


Developing. Check out our Xbox E3 2013 Live Blog for the latest updates!