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Hillary Clinton joins Twitter, embracing memes and pantsuits

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Hillary Clinton wearing sunglasses (Credit: US Department of State/Flickr)
Hillary Clinton wearing sunglasses (Credit: US Department of State/Flickr)

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been awfully quiet since resigning from her post earlier this year, but no more: the former US Senator from New York and First Lady joined Twitter today, tongue firmly in cheek as she used her first tweet to thank the creators of the popular "Texts from Hillary" meme that exploded across Tumblr last year. Clinton's own Twitter bio, too, seems perfectly crafted to take advantage of her pop culture appeal, describing herself as a "dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD...," all topped by a profile photo of her texting in sunglasses that was used in the "Texts" meme.

Clinton was quickly tweeted a welcome by her spouse, former president Bill Clinton, who began using the service more earnestly in April, and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

But there's likely much more to Hillary Clinton's Twitter account than just family and social media fun: it's standard for an ambitious politician — current or former — to have an active social media presence these days, and the "TBD" portion of Clinton's bio is only likely to add further encouragement to those hoping she'll run for president again in 2016. Clinton also joins Twitter at a particularly decisive time in national politics, with her former employer — the White House — facing multiple scandals, most pressing among them the recently leaked classified documents detailing the extent of NSA surveillance. Whether Clinton answers or ignores the inevitable questions from followers about her role in administration policy will be interesting to see, no matter what she decides to do next.