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Apple announces new version of Safari for OS X Mavericks with redesigned sidebar, performance enhancements

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Safari for OS X Mavericks
Safari for OS X Mavericks

Apple announced a new Safari to go along with OS X Mavericks. There are a number of new consumer-facing features as well as under-the-hood improvements. For starters, the sidebar which contained the browser's Reading List feature now has new functionality — you can go through your Reading List, browse your bookmarks, and share links all from the sidebar. Twitter and LinkedIn are a big part of the shared links feature — that section shows you what links people you follow on those social networks have recently shared. You can also continuously scroll through your saved reading list articles in the sidebar without having to back out and select the next link.

As for performance improvements, the biggest is probably being able to devote a full process per tab — Chrome has implemented this for a while, and it helps keep a crash in one tab from taking down the entire browser. Apple also touted major battery-saving improvements — CPU usage is supposedly much lower than that in Chrome or Firefox, while it significantly surpasses competing browsers in a JavaScript benchmark. Of course, we'll need to wait and see how this all works in practice, but it sounds like a good improvement for fans of Apple's browser.