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EA gets a chance to do parkour right with a new 'Mirror's Edge' game

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Gallery Photo: Mirror's Edge E3 Gallery
Gallery Photo: Mirror's Edge E3 Gallery

Electronic Arts has announced a long-awaited sequel — or possibly prequel — to free-running game Mirror's Edge. The original Mirror's Edge, released five years ago, offered a unique and beautiful combination of traits: immersive first-person parkour that went beyond one-button jumps, a blindingly clean near-future aesthetic, and a female protagonist who wasn't defined by her appeal to men. But its annoying shooting mechanics cut into the flow of running and evading enemies, and supposed courier Faith sadly delivered only a single package.

Beyond a short trailer, we don't know much about the game, except that it will still involve protagonist Faith, some tattoos, and a lot of running through the militantly antiseptic city from the first Mirror's Edge. Despite the name of the unofficially-posted trailer above, it's never referred to as Mirror's Edge 2. Like plenty of other trailers at E3, this is a very preliminary announcement, and it's impossible to tell what the finished game will look like. But at least so far, EA has a chance to expand on the best of the original Mirror's Edge while stripping out the worst.

Update: Eurogamer reports that the new game will reboot the franchise, and that it will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It's also apparently early in development, as one could guess from the minimal trailer.