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Ubisoft announces 'Rabbids Invasion,' an interactive TV show for Xbox One

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rabbids tv
rabbids tv

At its pre-E3 press conference today, Ubisoft announced a strange new experiment: Rabbids Invasion, a project described as an "interactive" TV show. Created in conjunction with Nickelodeon and France Television, the Xbox One-exclusive series stars Ubisoft's obnoxiously adorable rabids characters in their first animated series. The twist is that you'll actually be able to interact with the show. "What about actually being part of the story?" asked Ubisoft's Adrian Lacey. From the brief demo on stage, the interactive element appears to mainly involve mini-games: the program will stop, and you'll be able to play a simple multiplayer game that involves using the Kinect to see who can scream the loudest, for example. How this will impact the show you're watching remains unclear. It also sounds like the show will feature some sort of tablet integration, though details were slim. There's also no word on pricing or release date just yet.