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90 Seconds on The Verge: iOS 7, Apple updates, Xbox One, and an NSA whistleblower

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It had been hours and... nothing. Quiet enough that it was starting to feel that this was going to be another mission that led nowhere. He'd had too many of those. Too many in a file that was slowly growing thick with assignments, but no successes.

That's when the radio crackled next to him. It's the muffled voice of Kaz Hirai. He says the PS4 is coming... in the next episode.

Stories of the day:

Apple announces iOS 7, 'biggest change' since the introduction of the iPhone, coming this fall

New Mac Pro first look: Apple's diminutive take on the desktop computer

Apple WWDC 2013: everything you need to know

Xbox One launching in November for $499 in 21 countries, pre-orders start now

Xbox at E3 2013: everything you need to know

NSA whistleblower reveals himself: 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things'

Whistleblower reveals massive surveillance effort by NSA, FBI on consumer services

Today's episode was written by Bryan Bishop, Nathan Cykiert, and Ross Miller. Cameras and editing by Zach Goldstein. Thumbnail wizardry courtesy by Billy Disney. Published and produced by Evan Rodgers.