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Sony announces original programming for the PlayStation 4, but doesn't say what it will be

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PS4 original programming
PS4 original programming

During its PlayStation 4 event at E3, Sony announced that it's joining the herd of original programming creation, but didn't offer any details about what kind of content gamers can expect to see on the platform. Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lyton said that Sony Pictures is working on an original programming plan for the console — which will be available on the PS4 through the PlayStation Network — and that whatever content it makes will be "tailored specifically for gamers."

Sony may have downplayed everything but pure gaming in the lead up to its E3 press conference, but the company appears to be on the same track as Microsoft, which is rumored to also be working on original Xbox programming.

"We look forward to sharing more details in the near future," Lyton said. We'll be waiting.

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