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Bungie shows off first 'Destiny' gameplay footage at PS4 event

Bungie shows off first 'Destiny' gameplay footage at PS4 event

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Sony's big PlayStation 4 event at E3 2013 is nearly wrapped up at this point, but it just brought developer Bungie out to show off the first gameplay footage for Destiny, it's upcoming first-person, sci-fi epic. The developer first announced Destiny back at Sony's first PS4 event in February, and more recently it showed off a live-action trailer, but this is the first actual in-game footage we've seen such far. It's a pretty impressive demo that shows off a clever feature — a "ghost" that follows the player around, kind of like The Monitor from Halo or Wheatley from Portal 2. While it's hard to be too objective after nearly 90 straight minutes of gameplay demos, we think it's safe to say this is one of the more interesting games we've seen on display thus far. According to a slide at the end of the gameplay demo, Destiny will be out for Sony's consoles in 2014, and Sony mentioned that it has established a "long-time exclusive partnership" with Bungie and Activision, thought it's not yet clear what that partnership will yield.

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