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Yelp takes on Foursquare with new iOS discovery and recommendation features

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Yelp iPhone Discovery
Yelp iPhone Discovery

As Foursquare continues to improve its location-based service with more focus on business listings, Yelp is pushing back at its rival with new mobile discovery features and design overhauls. As part of its new iOS app update, Yelp has revamped its Nearby tab to display relevant local businesses based on a user's location, using their past check-ins, reviews, and recommendations of friends to deliver more relevant results. It will now also factor in the time of the day and the weather — suggesting restaurants with outdoor seating if it's sunny outside is one example.

Yelp has also redesigned its Events page and will show the most popular local happenings inside the new Nearby tab. The company says that almost half of its searches are now coming from mobile, explaining why it has updated its iPhone app to help users find great restaurants and local businesses more quickly and efficiently — something Foursquare has also been doing with its mobile apps and on the web. The updated Yelp app is available now on the App Store and is "coming soon" to Android.