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Apple to boost Twitter #Music with trending iTunes Radio station

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Twitter Music iTunes Radio
Twitter Music iTunes Radio

Apple's partnership with Twitter will extend into music with the launch of a dedicated Twitter #Music station in iTunes Radio. Apple's new music service, unveiled yesterday at WWDC 2013, is built directly inside iOS 7's Music app and will feature trending tracks from Twitter's music discovery and streaming platform, alongside other curated stations.

Following its launch in April, Twitter #Music has struggled to capture the interest of iOS device owners, falling to #83 in iOS' top 100 free music apps. Leveraging Twitter's massive user base and vast amount of data, #Music is easily Twitter's most polished app, but nobody is using it. With the inclusion of a trending station in iTunes Radio, Twitter #Music could enjoy increased visibility without needing to use Spotify or Rdio for track playback — instead it will be able to lean on Apple's deals with the three major music labels.