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Watch this: Apple's imperfect video about perfection

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apple video
apple video

Apple's marathon keynote session at yesterday's WWDC began with the following video. Graced by soothing piano music, a minimalist monochromatic palette, and a set of elegantly transitioning geometric shapes, the ad does a great job of conveying Apple lead designer Jony Ive's pursuit of purity and simplicity in design. There's only one small problem with it: when the onscreen narrative declares that "there are a thousand no's for every yes," it inserts an apostrophe where one does not belong.

Whether you consult the Oxford English Dictionary, The Chicago Manual of Style, or, you'll find the acceptable plural forms of "no" to be "noes" or "nos." Apple's unnecessary use of punctuation proves to be a rather ironic answer to the company's own rhetorical challenge: "How can anyone perfect anything?"