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'Sword & Sworcery' developer and composer team up again for 'Below'

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what lies below poster
what lies below poster

Capybara Games and composer Jim Guthrie — two of the three names behind Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP — are back together for another beautiful, moody game titled Below. The title's eerie tone and cut-out graphics were revealed yesterday in a minute-long teaser at Microsoft's press conference. Though it shares a similar look and atmosphere to Sworcery, this time around Capybara is putting a much heavier focus on combat: Microsoft is calling Below a "creative take on roguelike gameplay," suggesting that it could have randomized levels, permanent deaths, and RPG elements — all standbys of the genre. The title is currently in development exclusively for the Xbox One, and though it's no flagship property, it'll help Microsoft to prove that it's taking indie gaming seriously on the new console.