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Feedly officially leaves Google Reader behind, transitions to own servers with three weeks to spare

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Feedly mobile
Feedly mobile

With only three weeks remaining before Google Reader disappears for good, Feedly has completed its transition away from the dying service and onto its own backend cloud. Feedly has been among a host of third-party Reader clients searching for a new way to handle their users' RSS feeds, which have long been loaded and synced over Google's servers. Now that Feedly is officially supported by its own backend, the service can continue to work after Reader shuts down on July 1st, and give users what should be a seamless transition away from Google.

A number of different companies have committed to building a Reader alternative, and with today's transition, Feedly is among the first out of the gate — and it's the most promising option so far. In large part, that's due to just how easy Feedly has made it for third-party clients to integrate with its new cloud. It already announced that a slew of major RSS clients would be supporting it by the end of June — so if you're not a fan of Feedly's own apps, there'll be more than few alternatives to try out. For now, Feedly is still syncing user data back to Reader, so devotees can hang on for a few more weeks.