First you put on the shoes. They're Converse knockoffs, and you don't even like Converse to begin with, but you don't care because they're special shoes. There's a plastic plate on the bottom, which lets you skid across the floor like a bowler. You walk across the floor carefully to the harness. It's demeaning, with a strap that threads under your groin and gives you the full-on diaper feel / look. The harness has structure to it. It all means something. And then you swing open the hatch, and step onto the Virtuix Omni. Try not to slip.

The Omni's platform is like a grooved, friction-free, plastic crater. At waist level a ring that surrounds you, which makes you feel like you're commanding a starship, or about to be teleported somewhere. Using the harness, you rest your weight on the ring without falling through, which frees your feet to slide across the crater's surface. Can you let yourself go and start pretending to walk, or do you cling to your old concepts of locomotion and reality?