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Sony spotlights PS4 camera in unambitious 'The Playroom' trailer

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the playroom ps4 sony
the playroom ps4 sony

So far, Sony has been relatively tight-lipped about its plans for the PlayStation 4’s controller-sensing camera peripheral, holding a two-hour press conference yesterday for its new console without even mentioning the device, then later revealing it would be sold separately from the console. But a new trailer for a game called The Playroom is giving us a peek at what the company has in store. Spotted by CNET, the trailer some augmented reality-based minigames (including a spin-off of Pong) that make use of the controller’s built-in speaker and capacitive touchpad. Sony is calling it a "new experience made possible by the DualShock 4 Controller and PlayStation Camera."

The lack of attention Sony is paying to its camera marks a complete 180 from Microsoft

The company says that the footage being displayed is coming off of the PlayStation 4, which means you can expect to have your hair virtually lit on fire by flying droids in your own living room when The Playroom arrives in stores. The lack of attention Sony is paying to the its camera marks a complete 180 from Microsoft, which has been making its next-generation Kinect motion-sensing platform a fixture of its early marketing. With Sony undercutting the price of the Xbox One by $100, Microsoft has to hope that it can add enough extra value to draw players over to its more expensive console.