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The rise of Apple's Craig Federighi

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craig federighi
craig federighi

Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote saw the company announce its very latest mobile and desktop developments, but it also gave one of its executives the chance to shine. While Tim Cook and Eddy Cue appeared at home on the stage, it was Craig Federighi who won plaudits from critics with his natural (and often humorous) 30-minute demonstration of Apple's new software and designs. Federighi emerged as another of Apple's prominent frontmen following the departure of iOS VP Scott Forstall last year, when he moved from VP of Mac software to lead Apple's iOS and OS X teams. The Wall Street Journal charts Federghi's rise from his early, enterprising roots to his position as the driving force behind the release of Apple's new operating systems earlier this week, providing an interesting comparison to the man he replaced.