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23andMe hires former Gilt fashion exec to grow DNA testing business

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23andme kit
23andme kit

Personal genome company 23andMe is growing quickly, so much so that it has appointed a new executive to help it scale. According to AllThingsD, the DNA testing service — founded in April of 2006 by a small group including biologist Anne Wojcicki (wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin) — named former Gilt Groupe exec Andy Page as its new president. Page will report to Wojcicki and will help the company push for more customer growth.

"We now need to execute with a level of perfection."

Since its launch, 23andMe has tested over 180,000 people around the world for more than 200 genetic traits and markers. In an attempt to reach one million members by the end of the year, the company dropped the price of its service from $999 to $99 following last year's $50 million funding round. This helped to fuel growth but now the company is looking to scale and sustain that upward trend, executing it "with a level of perfection."

Page joins 23andMe having served on its board for the last year. He left the Gilt Groupe in January, amid losses and departures as the luxury goods site found it difficult to sustain its early success. According to AllThingsD, Page will lead 23andMe's product and engineering, marketing, finance, business development, and laboratory operations. He will also assist with its legal and regulatory issues. Wojcicki will now focus on developing the company's research unit.