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Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs' to open nationwide on August 16th following a four-month delay

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jobs 2
jobs 2

Early impressions of the Ashton Kutcher-led Jobs were decidedly mixed, but you'll soon get an opportunity to judge the Steve Jobs biopic for yourself. According to Deadline, Open Road Films has announced that Jobs will open nationwide on Friday, August 16th — a release date that comes about four months after the film was originally slated to open. This official announcement comes after The Wrap received info from its sources pointing to the August 16th release last night. Back in March, Open Road announced that Jobs would miss its planned April 19th release because the company wasn't able to create enough "buzz" around the film. With a new release date on the books, we'll presumably be subjected to a media campaign to create that all-important buzz — and as the first major biopic (Funny or Die's iSteve doesn't quite make the cut) to be released since Jobs' death, it should be able to get a good deal of attention. While there's no doubt the film has its flaws, we're still looking forward to hearing what the public thinks of Kutcher's feverish take on Apple's former CEO.