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Netflix expected to debut user profiles by end of summer

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Netflix iPhone 5
Netflix iPhone 5

Netflix users have been clamoring for better solutions when it comes to sharing an account with family and friends, and the streaming service is finally set to deliver one soon. Yahoo News reports that Netflix will roll out individual user profiles by the end of the summer — likely sometime in August — enabling subscribers to keep their own recommendations isolated from (and uninfluenced by) the viewing habits of anyone else using their account. Once enabled, the profiles will allow users to select their own avatar, which will appear across Netflix's various apps. As for how many profiles can be attached to one account, it seems that's still up in the air; Yahoo News says company executives are still deciding between five or six. We should see more definitive details in the weeks to come.

Clarification: Netflix already offers shared family plans that allow subscribers to stream from multiple devices simultaneously, but this marks the first time users can branch out with multiple individual profiles featuring dedicated recommendations and viewing history.