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Yahoo buys PhotoForge and KitCam developer to bolster Flickr's photo editing features

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Flickr logo (STOCK)
Flickr logo (STOCK)

Yahoo is taking on yet another acquisition as it seeks to reinvigorate itself and — in this case — Flickr as well. GhostBird software has just announced that it will be joining the Flickr team after being purchased by Yahoo. The developer is notably the name behind PhotoForge 2, a popular and robust photo editing app for iOS. PhotoForge offered the type of powerful features, such as layers, masks, and curves, that are usually only found in desktop image editors like Photoshop. GhostBird also made a photo filtering app called KitCam, though both apps will be removed from the App Store today.

Yahoo has been making some big strides to bring life back to Flickr. Last month, the photo sharing site debuted a major visual overhaul and began giving users an entire terabyte of storage space for free. However, Flickr hasn't offered much in the way of photo editing just yet. It partners with Aviary to offer some basic options on the desktop, and it includes a handful of filters in its mobile apps. While it's not clear if Yahoo has acquired GhostBird's software in addition to its team, it's likely that more photo editing features will be coming to Flickr in one form or another.