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Show me the clicks: Twitter offers tweet analytics feature to all

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Twitter Android 4.0 App Update
Twitter Android 4.0 App Update

Originally available to advertising partners, Twitter Analytics platform is now open to the public. The dashboard allows Twitter users to check the performance of their tweets and view breakdowns of their followers, presenting the data in neat tables and graphs for easy reference.

In the Timeline Activity view, a user's last 30 days of tweets are listed alongside the number of favorites, retweets, and replies they have received. Twitter also tracks how many times links within a tweet have been clicked and highlights better performing posts based on their reach. The Followers view offers a graph charting follower growth and also splits followers into interest, location, and gender demographics. All of the data can be downloaded in a CSV file, allowing users to remix or display the data as they see fit.

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While all Twitter users are able to access Twitter Analytics, it appears that not all accounts are displaying detailed information. We have asked Twitter to comment on its plans for Analytics, and we'll update you accordingly.