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AT&T launching Galaxy S4 Active June 21st for $199, pre-orders start June 14th

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Galaxy S4 active
Galaxy S4 active

If Samsung's standard Galaxy S4 somehow isn't durable enough for your day-to-day activities, take note: AT&T will be offering the toughened Galaxy S4 Active beginning June 21st. The water-resistant and dustproof handset will be priced at $199 on contract and is set to be available in gray and blue varieties. Other than its resistance to the elements, the Galaxy S4 Active largely resembles its regular counterpart when it comes to internal specs. The main difference here is that the 1080p display is an LCD rather than an OLED panel, and the S4 Active's camera has a lower megapixel count. AT&T will start taking online pre-orders for the device tomorrow with in-store availability coming a week later.