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Uber planning expansion into China, India, and other Asian countries

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Uber NYC stock 1020
Uber NYC stock 1020

Uber's black cars are already driving across major US and European cities, and now it looks like the taxi-hailing service is getting set to move into Asia in a big way. Job postings on Uber's website have revealed that the company is working on expanding to locations in China, India, South Korea, New Zealand, and Taiwan, as was first noted by SGE. Uber signaled its interest in expanding into Asia as far back as February of last year, though so far, it's only begun service in Singapore.

The expansion would make Uber the first of the big US tax-hailing apps to make a strong play for Asia. Hailo is planning to launch in Tokyo, but it's not clear when that'll happen or if it'll be expanding beyond the single city. And while a handful of taxi-hailing services exist in major Asian cities, none have achieved Uber's scale. Naturally, Uber's initiative appears to be in its very early stages, though it does look like the company is finally moving toward making its interest in expanding through Asia a reality.