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Microsoft and Best Buy team up to create a 'Windows Store' inside 600 retail locations

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Windows Store Best Buy
Windows Store Best Buy

Microsoft is announcing on Thursday that it plans to open special Windows Stores within Best Buy locations. The partnership will see 500 Best Buy locations in the US and 100 Best Buy and Future Shop retail stores in Canada launch a store-within-a-store. Microsoft is aiming to showcase Windows-based tablets, Windows Phones, Office, and Xbox at the locations in the same way that Apple and Samsung do today.

The announcement comes just hours after Microsoft started airing a new "Windows Everywhere" commercial that aims to show the company's products working together. Microsoft is helping to train more than 1,200 Best Buy sales associates to ensure they're up to speed with the Windows world. Microsoft's approach to partner with Best Buy appears to be part of the company's retail expansion plans. Microsoft has a number of stores across the US, but not in all major cities.