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FollowMe creates a highlight reel of your best Twitter moments

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Twitter #FollowMe
Twitter #FollowMe

Twitter may have just opened up its analytics tool to the public — shedding new light on your most popular tweets and other data — but the company isn't stopping there. Through a partnership with Vizify, Twitter now lets users immediately (and automatically) piece together short "highlight reel" videos that collect their "most engaging" tweets, posted photos, and Vine clips. The project is dubbed #FollowMe, and aside from showcasing some of your most memorable posts, it also lends some insight into your tweeting habits. #FollowMe highlights the words that you mention most frequently, and also features a 24-hour graphic that reveals what times of day you're most active on the service. It's available to use now, and as it's done before, Twitter is tapping some celebrity friends to show off the new feature.

To get started, you'll need to grant Vizify access to your Twitter account, pick a soundtrack, and then specify which content you want to appear in your "reel," but from there the process is all automatic — and the end result easily shareable. For Vizify, it's all familiar territory; the startup already produces comprehensive overviews of user activity across other social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.