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Samsung's rumored Android-based Galaxy NX mirrorless camera shown in leaked shots

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Samsung Galaxy NX tinhte watermarked
Samsung Galaxy NX tinhte watermarked

Samsung may be prepping a proper mirrorless camera powered by Android if newly "leaked" photos are to be believed. Having already fiddled with an Android point-and-shoot cam — and after essentially converting the Galaxy S4 into a camera in its own right — the photos at Tinhte suggest Samsung is more serious than ever about building a competitive shooter running Google's OS. The camera in question, allegedly called the Galaxy NX, is significantly larger than Samsung's existing mirrorless options like the NX100. (Think of Panasonic's Lumix GH3 Micro Four Thirds camera and you won't be far off.)

In the leaked shots, we see a trio of compatible NX lenses, and the Galaxy NX itself is said to feature a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor running Android 4.2 under the hood. We don't know many specifics beyond that — nor are we absolutely certain the product we're seeing is real — but if Samsung plans to showcase it as part of its grand June 20th event, the truth should come out before long.