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'Fez 2' announced at E3, see the first teaser trailer

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Fez 2 logo (Credit: Polytron)
Fez 2 logo (Credit: Polytron)

Fez, the celebrated indie PC and Xbox (Mac soon, supposedly) puzzle adventure game that features a 2D character exploring a 3D world, is getting a sequel. Fez developer Polytron just announced at E3 that it is working on Fez 2, Polygon reports. No release date has been given yet, let alone any other details about the story or game mechanics. But the lack of details at this stage is probably wise given the original Fez's messy development history (the game was first announced in 2007 and finally launched in 2012, delayed by internal politics and financial trouble, as chronicled in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie.) For now, a Fez 2 teaser trailer posted on Polytron's website will have to suffice.