Nothing says “welcome to the most important trade show in the world” like a horde of zombies screaming and attacking you from behind a chain-link fence only to get bored and go back to gnawing on a blown-apart torso. If you survive this living diorama from Dead Rising 3 at the foyer of the South Hall, you’re left to explore the fantastic shitshow that is E3: It’s got all the giddy neon chaos of Blade Runner wrapped in the human density of a Martian Coachella, and navigating the floor requires a fundamental shift in experiential awareness.

All senses redline as you’re assaulted by interactive sculptures from some of the most creative and profitable minds at work today, and it is quite literally a war zone where mindshare is the ultimate bounty among competitors. It’s crucial that publishers get into the brains of these notoriously ADHD users, so production budgets are suitably astronomical and regularly run into the millions of dollars. These meta-consumers (representatives of Walmart, Gamestop, and Best Buy) need to be impressed enough by the towering exhibitions to buy and distribute the games to the masses in 2014.