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Anonymous for over 60 years, a World War II war criminal emerges in Minnesota

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Before the Associated Press placed the worst type of spotlight imaginable on 94-year-old Michael Karkoc, the Ukraine native had spent more than 60 years quietly living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But as the AP's in-depth reporting reveals, Karkoc's background is one of sinister evil. He's been identified as a commander of various Nazi SS-affiliated units and is believed to have personally ordered the massacre of innocent civilians.

Now, after lying to immigration officials to gain refuge in the US back in 1949, he could face deportation and prosecution for the war crimes he's spent decades hiding from. Despite no clear evidence showing that he directly partook in mass slaughter, German authorities may still have enough to prove Karkoc commanded those beneath him to carry out the unthinkable acts. A self-published Ukrainian memoir links him to Nazi forces, though it wasn't until the AP received a tip and pursued a Freedom of Information Act request that the whole, disheartening truth was learned.