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Top Shelf 013: Heart, Mind, and Console

Top Shelf 013: Heart, Mind, and Console

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Top Shelf 013 Slice
Top Shelf 013 Slice

At E3 2013, we saw the future. The future of video games. The future of the PS4 and the Xbox. The future of angrily yelling at random people while we massacre them in Halo. And maybe, just maybe, the future of how we'll watch TV, play games, and hang out with our friends. We're in Los Angeles, and this is Top Shelf, where we look into the gadgets that are taking over our lives and living rooms whether we like it or not.

Just make sure you watch this episode with the volume down. Your Kinect might hear you.



Director: John Lagomarsino
Segment Producers: Regina Dellea and Christian Mazza
Publishing Assistant: Evan Rodgers
Special Guests: Scott Rohde, Paul Miller, and Sean Hollister
Host: David Pierce

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