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Keys to the city: NYC mayoral candidates debate tech policy tonight at 7PM ET / 4PM PT with Nilay Patel as moderator

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But when are we getting FiOS?

New York City Manhattan (STOCK)
New York City Manhattan (STOCK)

New York's Mayor Bloomberg has placed heavy emphasis on tech policy during his term: he's hired the city's first chief digital officer, pushed for more public Wi-Fi, and partnered with Cornell to build a major research center and startup community. That's made New York second only to Silicon Valley in terms of tech industry growth, and the next mayor will have to keep it up.

That's why Coalition for Queens is holding the Mayoral Candidates Tech Policy forum on Monday. I'll be moderating along with Anjali Athavaley of the Wall Street Journal, and we plan to ask the candidates about their positions on a wide range of tech-related policy issues from tech jobs and startup companies to STEM education, infrastructure development, data access, and privacy.

Confirmed candidates for the forum include:

  • Former NYC Councilmember Sal Albanese
  • Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión, Jr.
  • NYC Comptroller John Liu
  • Former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson
  • Former US Congressman Anthony Weiner

If you're in New York, I encourage you to come — the forum will be held at the Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35th Avenue in Queens, and tickets are still available. We'll even have an audience Q&A, so participation is welcome.

If you can't make it, don't worry — we'll have a livestream here on The Verge, and you can submit questions either here in comments or on Twitter using the #NYCTechForum hashtag.