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Microsoft says games for the Xbox One will still cost $59.99

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Microsoft has confirmed that the games it releases for the Xbox One will sell for $59.99, just like those for the Xbox 360, and Sony has previously suggested that it will also be sticking to the old price point. A spokesperson told Polygon that Microsoft Studios games will have a standard price of $59.99, meaning that we won't be seeing a premium for the extra work of making next-gen titles, despite what developers have said about the increased complexity of building for the new console.

It's been a long time since the last generation of Microsoft and Sony consoles was released; that jump in specs came with a price hike of $10, bringing the cost of the average game from $49.99 to $59.99. Sony hasn't officially confirmed a next-gen price point, but in February executive Jack Tretton described a PS4 game pricing structure that would go from 99 cents "up to those $60 games." Amazon, Best Buy, and others are also listing $59.99 prices for PlayStation 4 title pre-orders.