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Netflix signs exclusive deal for over 300 hours of original DreamWorks Animation content

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Netflix Dreamworks
Netflix Dreamworks

Netflix is to expand its offering of original children's programming after it signed an exclusive deal with DreamWorks Animation. As part of the agreement, Netflix will own the first-run rights to over 300 hours of original DreamWorks programming, an expansion of the deal that will see Netflix launch a TV show adaption of the upcoming movie Turbo in December.

The new shows will debut in 2014

Netflix is to create new shows based on characters from DreamWorks' feature films, while the studio will open its Class Media library which it acquired in 2012. Having found success with House of Cards and a new series of Arrested Development, Netflix is now looking to children's shows in order to expand its content selection and cater for one of its most important demographics — although there is no word on whether we will see a new Shrek show or Kung Fu Panda mini-series.

Last year, the company announced it had signed an exclusive deal to bring content from Disney, Marvel, and Pixar movies to the service. Today's announcement means it now has the two biggest animation studios on board. Netflix will begin airing its original series in 2014, adding animated movies The Croods, Turbo, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman at the same time.