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Instagram to get Vine-like video sharing on June 20th, says TechCrunch

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instagram photos of you
instagram photos of you

TechCrunch reports that Instagram will launch video sharing on June 20th. According to the site's anonymous source, the feature will be unveiled at Facebook's "big idea" event on Thursday. Details are pretty scant on how the feature will work, but Reuters' former deputy social media editor, Matthew Keys, reported that Facebook was testing Vine-like video sharing for Instagram a few weeks ago, noting that it would allow users to share videos between five and 10 seconds long.

Twitter launched its video-sharing app, Vine, back in January. Since then, the service has gone from strength to strength. Many social media campaigns now utilize Vine, and recently the service surpassed Instagram in daily shares. Instagram adding videos to its apps could make a lot of sense, but we'll find out if the rumors are true this Thursday.