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Windows Phone voice recognition improved, Microsoft claims it's 'twice as fast' with increased accuracy

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Windows Phone voice recognition
Windows Phone voice recognition

Microsoft has been working on improving its Bing voice recognition in Windows Phone recently. We saw some early advancements debut in a leaked video earlier this year, but the company now appears to be ready to launch some of those changes this week. The processing part of the voice recognition in Windows Phone, powered by Bing, has been improved for searches and composing text messages. Microsoft claims the tweaks mean results return twice as fast and the accuracy of picking up words has been increased by 15 percent.

The improvements all come thanks to some Microsoft Research work known as Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). The software giant claims the system can detect patterns in a similar way that biological systems analyze huge sets of data and recognize similar patterns. While Microsoft previously revealed a "streaming mode" for Windows Phone voice recognition in private, that lets users search while they speak, the updated improvements simply improve the speed and accuracy for now.