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The Verge goes to Hollywood: TV, movies, and the people who make them

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There's never been a better time to head to the movies. From the huge blockbusters to the indie masterpieces, from Netflix to the theater, there are great movies everywhere you look. Meanwhile, we're in a "golden age of TV," with some of the best TV shows ever made gracing the smaller screen. There are more ways than ever to watch, and more ways than ever to talk about what we watch. Movies are being funded on Kickstarter and they're being distributed by Amazon, or they're coming to Redbox Instant and streaming to our phones. Whether you make movies and TV, or you just love to watch them, there's more going on now than ever.Here, we'll collect all our best coverage of Hollywood: film reviews, TV reviews, and interviews with and stories about the people who make them so great. We'll help cut through the flood; these are the movies, shows, and artists you should be paying attention to.