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Amazon rejects Netflix's model, won't release all episodes of original shows simultaneously

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Alpha House from Amazon Studios
Alpha House from Amazon Studios

When Amazon debuts its original series Alpha House this fall, it won't be releasing the entire season all at once. That's according to executive producer Jonathan Alter, who told The Wrap that while Amazon hasn't yet finalized a release structure for the show, it's already decided not to follow the signature approach of streaming rival Netflix. "It hasn’t been entirely determined how they’ll put it out," he said. "But it will be a different model" than the binge-friendly delivery method Netflix has employed for House of Cards, Arrested Development's fourth season, and other original programming. Will Amazon adhere to the staggered schedule of traditional cable, or come up with its own strategy? The company has time to decide; Alpha House (starring John Goodman) — just one of several shows being produced for Amazon Prime subscribersisn't likely to start streaming until November.