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'BioShock' creator Ken Levine to pen 'Logan's Run' movie remake, says Deadline

'BioShock' creator Ken Levine to pen 'Logan's Run' movie remake, says Deadline

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Gaming auteur Ken Levine started out as an aspiring screenwriter before moving on to Looking Glass Studios and eventually the immensely successful BioShock series. According to a Deadline report, he's now making another foray into film: He's apparently attached to a remake of 1976 cult classic Logan's Run. This remake has been in the works for years, with an earlier script penned by 28 Days Later and The Beach writer Alex Garland and others. But the project was officially put on hold in May, some months after prospective star Ryan Gosling dropped out.

Now, Levine is said to be writing a new script for Warner Bros., though he will continue to focus on video games. Of course, the project has long been in development hell, so there's no guarantee it will move forward this time.

Logan's Run, adapted from a 1967 novel, takes place in a future city-state in which all citizens are killed on their 30th birthday after a life of hedonistic excess, taking part in an ostensible reincarnation ritual known as Carousel. Visually, it's indisputably a product of the 1970s, from its stylish mod costumes to its lavishly created pastel version of a "free love" future. But it also bears striking similarity to the kind of games Levine has spent the past decade or more creating. Like Levine's oeuvre, Logan's Run is fundamentally a case study of an isolated society with an ideology taken to extremes, even if it includes far more gratuitous nudity than your average BioShock title.