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The Verge Mobile Show 051 - June 18th 2013

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VMS the verge mobile show
VMS the verge mobile show

Summer is nearly upon us. The kids are getting out of school, the ice cream man is making his rounds, and the air conditioners are being cranked at full blast. But just because vacation season is underway for most people, it doesn't mean that anyone is taking a break in our little mobile universe. We're a week out from Apple's big announcement of iOS 7, and the debate surrounding it is still going strong. Nokia recently teased us with an upcoming device announcement — could it be the long-awaited Windows Phone 'EOS' device with a real PureView camera? And Huawei just took the wraps off of its latest flagship handset. We'll be tackling all this and more in this week's episode of The Verge Mobile Show, so tune in!