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Chipotle becomes first US fast food chain to label all genetically modified ingredients

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Chipotle is letting its customers know a little more about their burritos by opening up about the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) within its ingredients. The Mexican-themed fast food restaurant has begun marking all products that include GMOs on the company website, helping to bolster its focus on organic and local foods. According to NaturalNews, this makes Chipotle the first US restaurant chain to include such labels. Eventually, the chain also wants to eliminate GMOs from its menu entirely.

The labeling debate continues

While many US grocers specifically sell organic fruits and vegetables, just about everything else — including prepared food from restaurants — is rarely labeled. Environmental and consumer advocacy groups have argued that this should change. Though there's debate about whether growing and consuming GMOs leads to adverse effects, there's been no definitive and widely-accepted study on their long-term impact on health and the environment. It's become a major issue in many states, and even went up to public vote in California last year before ultimately failing. But enough consumers seem to be interested in the presence of GMOs that it's lead grocers like Whole Foods to instate GMO labeling requirements.

Though Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Chipotle began labeling GMOs back in March, the addition hasn't been widely noted until now. So far, Chipotle says that it hasn't noticed a negative financial impact because of the change — but as Businessweek notes, very little on the menu is available for anyone who's hoping to avoid GMOs entirely.