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Evernote upgrades web clipper to save your Gmail, including attachments

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evernote note notetaking notebook lumia 920 nokia app
evernote note notetaking notebook lumia 920 nokia app

Until now, saving attachments from a Gmail account to Evernote has meant either forwarding them to a special email address or dragging them into an open Evernote client. Today, the company released an arguably more elegant approach: an update to its web clipper that saves the entire message to Evernote, plus any attachments.

The new link between Gmail and Evernote makes for a easier way to keep track of files that might otherwise get lost in your inbox. You can save single messages or, by expanding the conversation, entire threads. As on other webpages, the clipper lets users choose a notebook to save to and to add notes and tags.

The clipper update is relatively minor, but could save time for people who spend a lot of time working with attachments. It could also prove useful for Gmail users running out of storage who want another free option with good search and tagging features. The clipper is available for free in the Chrome Web Store.