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Apple TV gets HBO Go and WatchESPN

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apple tv apps
apple tv apps

Apple TV users can finally watch HBO and ESPN without resorting to troublesome workarounds. The small media streaming box now has official support for HBO Go and WatchESPN, the former of which was said to be in the works six months ago. Three other content providers are being added to Apple TV as well, including Sky News, Crunchyroll, and Qello. Though the Apple TV's low price point and tight integration with the iTunes ecosystem have made it a strong offering, competing products such as Roku have given users hundreds of content sources — a far cry from the few dozen offerings on Apple's media box. Today's additions should go a long way toward giving users access to their favorite content.

All five of the new services will be available to users of the second and third generation Apple TV after downloading an update available today. Though HBO Go is only available to HBO subscribers, it'll be a welcome addition for Game of Thrones fans hoping to watch the series without AirPlaying it over a Mac or iPad. WatchESPN offers live streaming of five different ESPN networks, but is also only available to certain cable subscribers. Sky News includes around-the-clock access to live news for users in the US, UK, and Ireland. Crunchyroll and Quello are both available worldwide — the former service highlights anime, and the latter focuses on recorded concert videos. Apple also reiterated that iTunes Radio will be available on Apple TV when the service is released this fall.