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Vdio on-demand streaming service now open to all

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It was a long time coming, but Rdio finally launched its streaming movie and TV service Vdio in April — though it was only open to those who were already paying for an Rdio subscription. Today, the shackles come off: anyone can now create a Vdio account using their email address or Facebook login and start buying videos. The service is still only available to customers in the UK or the US, and it works just as it did in April. Users can buy or rent movies or TV shows for prices in the same range as what you'll find from Apple or Amazon, and they're only watchable on your computer or on your iPad using the Vdio app. Outside its fairly limited social features, Vdio hasn't exactly made a strong case for why people should use it over the many other similar services that offer bigger catalogs or more ways to view your content — we'll see if Vdio can manage to differentiate itself now that it can reach a larger audience.