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Facebook adding ability to post images in comments

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Facebook comment threads are about to get quite a bit more crazy. A new camera button is rolling out that allows users to reply to posts with a picture. It's a simple feature, but it's one that hasn't been available on the social network to date. Facebook hasn't yet officially announced the new functionality, but the company has informed The Verge that the new commenting feature will be rolling out globally today to both the desktop and mobile websites. Users on Facebook's apps will be able to view photo comments, but they will not be able to upload such comments until a later date. In the past, Facebook has included automatically-generated image previews when users post a URL in a comment, but with today's addition the picture is uploaded from your computer to Facebook's servers. The new photo comments add on to recent improvements to Facebook commenting like threaded replies and hashtags, which have been available on competing social networks for some time. It's all good news, except for this one caveat: unlike Google+, animated GIFs are not supported.