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Watch the window-switching user interfaces of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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PlayStation 4 User Interface
PlayStation 4 User Interface

A recent video from Sony has given us our first glimpse at the console's user interface, which will provide similar window-switching functionality as the Xbox One, allowing users to swap between tasks and apps to perform different functions. Sony's PlayStation 4 video focuses on social features, showing how players can record and share gameplay video, switch in and out of live games to chat with friends, and download new games. By double-pressing a PlayStation logo in the center of the PS4's controller, users can quickly switch between games and other areas of the system.

At its Xbox One reveal on May 21st, Microsoft showed off its own next-generation UI. While the demo focused on the console's television experience, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will both offer players the ability to jump in and out of various system features.