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Vine founders tease redesigned UI with drafts and category features

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vine teaser
vine teaser

Vine's founders have taken to their own medium to tease what appears to be a number of visual changes and new features to the video service's apps. The apparent redesign would have Vines blown up to the full width of a user's screen rather than existing within individual boxes. The change would create a nearly seamless feed of videos by removing the space that used to be dedicated to comments, likes, and share buttons. Instead, those elements would be overlaid on the very bottom of each post, while a persistent video capture button hovers at the bottom of the screen.

The redesign could also allow users to compose multiple Vines at once. Under the teased interface, users can switch between and save a number of separate compositions, which isn't possible at present. The brief glimpses also reveal the possible introduction of curated video categories. Right now, the app includes automatically created categories based on popular hashtags — but it looks like that exploration feature may be expanded to include topics like comedy, art, fashion, and — what's sure to be a fan favorite — cats. There's no word yet on when the updates might be available to users.