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Children's cancer center leverages superheroes to help patients through chemotherapy

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Cancer Center superheroes
Cancer Center superheroes

The A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo is recruiting superheroes in an attempt to help young patients better understand and cope with chemotherapy — a complex, daunting medical treatment irrespective of age. With the help of ad agency JWT, the medical facility is touting chemo to a "superformula" for kids that can help them overcome cancer. Rather than have kids stare at a cold, sterile chemotherapy bag, the Cancer Center has concealed the treatment inside colorful cases with logos from Batman, Superman, and other DC Comics heroes.

JWT is leveraging its relationship with Warner Brothers to make that possible, but the initiative doesn't end there; children also receive custom comic books with story arcs involving their favorite heroes fighting a disease similar to cancer. Naturally, doctors and the superformula both help restore them to regular, crime-fighting health. Portions of the Cancer Center were also "renovated" for the project; the game room was transformed into a Hall of Justice, with corridors and doors throughout the facility decorated in the same manner. It's a novel morale boost for young patients as they battle "one of the real world's greatest villains."